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Life Members

Life Member Requirements:

  • Minimum 10 years’ continuous service.

  • Being an active member of the club i.e. committee member helping out with juniors/umpiring not just playing.

  • A player that has only played and not helped out with canteen/umpiring/etc. maybe eligible following a longer duration at the discretion on senior management committee.

Gregg Carson

Keith Fisher

Rodney Fisher

Ian Fogarty

Peter Fogarty

Dean Gallucci

Barry Golledge

Garry Hughes

Geoff Kerr

Alan Marshall

Bev (Fogarty) McLellan

Tony Miller

John Mossop

Robert Newitt

Jethro Palmer

Glynis Picot

Colin Pink

Leon Pitt

Wayne Quick

Ken Rippon

Jason Rowan

Glenn Trubody

Les Worlin

Mark Kearney (Patron)

Barry Gibson (Hon)

Doug Blake (Dec)

Monty Edwards (Dec)

Alan Fraser (Dec)

Nell Fogarty (Dec)

Paul Fogarty (Dec)

Michael Hassett (Dec)

Ken Mossop (Dec)

Brian New (Dec)

Denise Preston (Dec)

Jean Rippon (Dec)

Ken Robson (Dec)

Percy Rymer (Dec)

Jim St Clair (Dec)

Ron Trubody (Dec)

Graham Ward (Dec)

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