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Registrations are NOW OPEN!

Follow the GameDay Passport link to start the registration process

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If you have any issues or questions regarding the registration process please contact the Club Registrar as soon as possible via

We are required to nominate teams to the NBA and gradings before the middle of March.

Boomers 2024 Fees - Final (1).png

The 2024 fees structure will be broken down as shown. We will require fees to be paid upfront at the time of registration. 

The Junior age matrix, that indicates the league in which a child will play, can be found HERE


NSW Government introduced a new Active & Creative Kids Voucher Program in February 2024. Mayfield Boomerangs Baseball Club is excited to announce we are an approved provider and can accept these vouchers.

If you have an Active & Creative Kids voucher please email us before registering online so we can ensure this is validated and redeemable for you through the registration portal. GameDay have not yet enabled these to be processed automatically through their platform. You can either bring along your voucher to one of our Come & Try days or email us to redeem your Active & Creative Kids Voucher at

Click here for more information on the new Active & Creative Kids Voucher program

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